1870 Census Transcription Notes

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1870 Collin County, Texas Census

Transcription Notes

  1. On this particular census the old fashioned lower case "p" represents double "s". For example, the surname "Rupell" is actually "Russell."
  2. The lower case "r" is written differently without the upper flat top. At times it was impossible to distinguish the letters "r" and "s" from each other.
  3. Due to the handwriting on this census the letter "a" can look like an "e" or a "u" or an "o" and vice versa.
  4. Capital "L" and "S" were very difficult to determine on occasion. As a result the given name "Samuel" could appear to be "Lamuel."
  5. The given name "Elizabeth" is always spelled "Elisabeth" on this census.
  6. It is strongly suggested that if one finds a name here that the actual census be consulted for confirmation since the handwriting on the actual census is subject to interpretation.
  7. Total population of Collin Co., TX in 1870 was 14,013. In 1850 the population had been 1,950 and in 1860 it was 9,264. In 1880 the population grew to 25,983.

Roll 593
Printed numbers on upper right corner of pages; every other page is numbered, so the unnumbered pages are denoted with "b", i.e. 368b:

Town of McKinney
Pages 310-316

-Precinct 1
Pages 317-368b

Town of Farmersville
Pages 369-370

-Precinct 2
Pages 371-416b

-Precinct 3
Pages 417-436

Town of Mantua
Pages 437-438

-Precinct 4
Pages 439-456b

Town of Weston
Pages 457-458b

-Precinct 5
Pages 459-487

Town of Plano
Pages 488-489b

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