The site contains information regarding the history of Collin County, Texas. In this site, you will find census records, marriage records, probate minutes, and much more. There are also the records of Mugg Cemetery (northwest Collin County), photographs and diagrams from the 1950s layout of Helms farm (a typical farm) in northwest Collin County, and early photographs from northwest Collin County.

Collin County, as well as other Texas counties, had the opportunity to have their county records microfilmed. Collin County chose to have it early records microfilmed while other counties chose not to participate at all. These microfilms, available through the Texas State Archives, are the records now being transcribed and indexed.

Our family is descended from a Peters Colony pioneer family that settled in northwest Collin County. Descendants of the family still live in Collin County and throughout surrounding counties. I have been involved in genealogical research for twenty-eight years, produced two books and been involved in other genealogical activities. The most satisfying activity now is helping others in their genealogical research.

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